Help for Multiple Choice Questions



Each question in this exercise is followed by two or more possible answers. Only one answer is correct.

You will hear a response immediately after choosing the answer. When you choose the wrong answer, you can try again until you find the correct one. The results below the exercise will show you how many answers you got right on the first try (see the Indicators section below).


The indicator panel below the exercise shows the following values:

Displays the number of the tasks you have already answered. For example 4/10 means, that you have answered four out of ten questions so you should finish the remaining six.
Displays the number and percentage of successful answers. The first pair of numbers shows the results of all current answers. If you didn't answer all of them correctly on first attempt, there is also a second pair of numbers showing how many answers you did succesfuly on the first try. Use the ‘Reset’ button to start again.

Control Panel

The control panel below the exercise contains the following buttons:

Evaluate the entire exercise. If an error is found, the cursor is moved to the first incorrect answer. Within a text-box, the cursor is also moved to the first incorrect character of your answer.
Fill in the whole exercise with the correct answers.
Reset all your answers and start again.

Answer Sheets

The Answer Sheets contain all the correct answers for all the exercises. You can access them from the Course Index, or more conveniently, you can use the ‘?’ (question mark) link after each task. This link takes you directly to the corresponding answer in the Answer Sheet.

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