Answer Sheet: Unit 11


Vocabulary Practice

Exercise 1: Test Yourself

  1. inspector of turns
  2. passing lane
  3. float
  4. Each lane has its inspector of turns.
  5. period
  6. medley swimming
  7. A time trial is an attempt to beat the time.
  8. pushing
  9. When swimming butterfly the contestants have to touch the end wall with both hands.
  10. I prefer open water swimming.
  11. He wet passed the ball into the hole.
  12. two meter line
  13. Assist is a pass leading directly to a goal.
  14. bottom
  15. short course pool
  16. Players often injure each other with their elbows.
  17. Some competitions start in shallow water.
  18. In free relay contestants can choose their style.
  19. holding
  20. Wet-suits are allowed at open water swimming events.
  21. open water swimming
  22. five meter line
  23. Holding and pushing are common fouls.
  24. The bottom is sometimes uneven.
  25. time trial
  26. dry pass
  27. assist
  28. shallow water
  29. An attacking player can not enter beyond the 2 meter line without a ball.
  30. The human body floats better in a wet-suit.
  31. end wall
  32. The passing lane is an open space which allows players to pass the ball.
  33. protection gear
  34. free relay
  35. hole
  36. The space in front of the goal is called a hole.
  37. The judge of stroke observes the style of the contestants.
  38. A 50 meter pool is also called a long course pool.
  39. Free throws are executed from the 5 meter line.
  40. A 25 meter pool is also called a short course pool.
  41. wet pass
  42. A pass through the air is called a dry pass.
  43. Water polo match is divided in four periods.
  44. There isn't much protection gear in water polo.
  45. long course pool
  46. judge of stroke
  47. wet-suit
  48. In medley competition swimmers use all swimming styles.
  49. elbow
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