Answer Sheet: Unit 4


Vocabulary Practice

Exercise 1: Test Yourself

  1. draw a token
  2. The winner is chosen by way of direct elimination.
  3. subdue
  4. gradual
  5. terminate
  6. ballistic limit
  7. A bear hug is a hold where the arms are wrapped around the opponent.
  8. increment
  9. Leg lock is a more difficult technique than arm lock.
  10. Which weight division are you in?
  11. suplex
  12. He subdued his opponent.
  13. ratio
  14. The snatch is one of the two Olympic weightlifting events.
  15. endurance
  16. Suplex is a way to unbalance your opponent.
  17. In clinch fighting combatants are fighting in standing-up position.
  18. metabolic rate
  19. There are several ways to increase your metabolic rate.
  20. bear hug
  21. This barbell is certified by the International Weightlifting Federation.
  22. power to weight ratio
  23. joint lock
  24. How many weight plates do you want?
  25. Clean and jerk is one of the Olympic weightlifting disciplines.
  26. clean and jerk
  27. For gradual increment in strength you need to practice every day.
  28. You can severely harm your opponent with a joint lock.
  29. The clean and press is a weight training exercise.
  30. Power lifting tests the limit strength of competitors.
  31. snatch
  32. leg lock
  33. weight plates
  34. I go to the gym twice a week to increase my endurance.
  35. The wrestler draws a token that gives him a certain number.
  36. He struggled to win but in the end lost.
  37. What is the coach to wrestler ratio in your club?
  38. direct elimination
  39. Superior position is considered an advantage in wrestling.
  40. weight division
  41. Olympic weightlifting tests ballistic limits of competitors.
  42. Middleweight lifters have the ideal power to weight ratio.
  43. After counting to three the judge terminated the fight.
  44. clinch fighting
  45. superior position
  46. clean and press
  47. limit strength
  48. International Weightlifting Federation
  49. struggle
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